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Analyze the industry good and bad
                                                                                   --------- By CEO Back Owen

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Talk about the pain points of our industry

1.Buying channels from Chinese sellers: B2B ( , , B2C ( , , ebay , Amazon)
Many online sellers are Guangzhou small sellers, shop a little less than 50 product SKU, sometimes occasionally selling price is low, but the sale is very bad, a few months turned off, re-opened a shop, the quality is not Well, even if the customer gave a bad review, everyone knows that the Chinese team is the world's number one, no platform to escape the brush, and many platforms even have a lot of platforms such as Amazon . You will get better if you give the bad review

2.When you go to the B2B platform to buy things, every time the inquiry is still waiting for someone else to quote, then the problem is coming.

2.1 Is there a quality description for each quotation? Which big company glass is used for this LCD ? LT , AUO , LG , JINGDONGFANG , JDI , TM ...50 kinds of glass....each glass have 3 levels: standard、esr、full view.Each glass has four qualities :Grade  A B C D. 50*3*4=600  Any model with at least 600 different prices,No one tells you the truth. Even telling you, how do you know how to distinguish? Pass the video test? Can you recognize it clearly?
2.2 Will there be a description of the shipping cost for each quotation? On the surface of the quotation, the price is lower, but his shipping cost is high.
2.3 Is there a price for each model that is cheaper and has a higher price? Because his goods are their own, some are others
2.4 Is there only less than 20 product models for each quotation ?just only iPhone LCD model crying

Sometimes their quotations look very low. The first time you have a heartbeat, you buy from him. When you buy it for the second time, they improve the price . You need them to give you the after-sales,He said that the price I offered you was low. I don't make your money. Where are there so many guarantees? so let you Difficult, this is the routine.

3.when you go to the B2C platform to buy mobile phone accessories. We know that the big sellers sell the defective products. After the defective products are sold, the product details page says for one year. In fact, the after-sales time is 30 days after the platform is sold . This is the least. Guaranteed.

4.You need a quote to spend 2-3 days with a salesman, just for the price is 1 dollar cheaper than others , in fact, your time cost is wasted, and the price per half month, especially the iPhone lcd price will be reduced, so The anti-repeated polling disk allows you to spend a lot of time, and it is better to pick up orders more.

5.Many South Asians, Indians, Africans do wholesale in Guangzhou city, their favorite even cheap, not the cheapest and only cheaper, all Guangzhou goods grade is no way to compare with Shenzhen, you can also take the Guangzhou side supplier Quote to our salesman, we can do it cheaper than they are 0.7 dollars pcs, but we can not provide services such as lifetime after-sales.


How to solve these pain points, Refused routine

Trust us

We are not selling products, but a service and social value.

1.Our marketing through salesman, we have not left a lot of space for each buyer through Google keyword marketing and online store marketing.

2.The customers we serve are also like our after-sales, lifetime warrenty

3.Our website maintains 10 people, 40 salesmen , and constantly updates new products every day. For example, the price of iPhone lcd will change every week.

4.Long-term cooperation customers (monthly orders over 100,000 US dollars for half a year) We provide free telephone numbers, websites and mailboxes for all local, state and city counterparts.

5.We have been in this industry for 15 years. We understand the hardships and worries of the sellers too much. We provide a complete set of solutions, recycling, refurbishment, battery solution mobile phone shell customization, to help you solve one-stop service.

6.The target of our services: medium and high-end customers. All of our large accessories are from the factory. we used to be the general manager of the FOXCOON quality department, so I am familiar with the parts supply chain, so as long as the customer is not intentionally damaged, we can try to repair the goods produced by each factory. There will be defective products, defective products can also be used, not very professional people can not see, because we are professional, so we are targeting the needs of foreign markets, LCD is a lifetime after-sales.

7.Our mall currently has 50,000 different products. It is not repeated. The price of each product is the cheapest. If you can find a website that is cheaper than our website, you can criticize our CEO is shit. Sometimes the price has not changed urgently, the editors have forgotten to change, you can remind us to modify some products, we will give you a discount.  Whatever, don't take the screenshots of those small shops, because those people only sell less than 50 SKU , and they still sell those for a few years, we are not looking at them.

8.All in all, we provide a complete set of mobile phone repair shop products, not to go out, DHL will arrive in three days .